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  • subwoofer/amp/wiring

    hi all
    i am selling all this stuff because I am just a high school kid and I bought all this stuff thinking it would be really fun (and it is) but my parents absolutely hate subwoofers and especially the people who they pull up next to at streetlights with these things blaring. so basically, all this stuff is like less than a week old and has not even been in my truck that long (i am trying to sell it at my auto shop at school). heres what i got.

    Alpine 12" Single-Voice-Coil 4-Ohm Subwoofer
    Model: SWE-1242
    650W Peak
    250W RMS
    Price at Bestbuy: 154.99
    ****The picture shows two subwoofers, I am selling only one.****

    Q-Logic Single 12" Bandpass Subwoofer Enclosure
    Model: QB-112.3B
    Gray Carpet Exterior
    Plexiglass Window
    3/4" MDF construction
    Price at Bestbuy: 109.99
    Profile AP1000M
    310W RMS x 4 ohms
    500W RMS x 2 ohms
    750W Peak x 4 ohms
    1000W Peak x 2 ohms
    Base Remote Control
    Price at Crutchfield: 159.99

    Rockford Fosgate Type RF CP4POS
    * 17 ft - 4 Gauge Silver Braided Power Wire with Attached Ring
    * 3 ft - 4 Gauge Translucent Black Ground Wire with Attached Ring
    * Silver Remote Turn-on Lead Wire
    * Platinum-Plated MAXI Fuseholder with 50-Amp MAXI Fuse
    -mine came with a 100A one too
    * Miscellaneous Connectors
    * Cable Ties
    * Firewall Snap Grommet
    Usually ~40-50 bucks

    Rockford Fosgate RF Twister 6.0
    19.7 ft
    Usually ~15-20 bucks

    I am selling all of this together for $190. Again, its all quality stuff, you can google everything and you will find that this equipment is rated 5 stars just about everywhere. I spose i could sell stuff individually, but i would prefer to sell it all together. thanks

    **Keep in mind this stuff is all like a week old. I cant really budge on the price that much. sry. but dont be afriad to ask me anything. thanks again

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    ok i guess ill post some individual prices.

    the enclosure for 50
    the sub for 65


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      How much for the wire kit?


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        Your parents owned you in my opinion. :-D

        Nice set up, though. And wear on them? Scratches, dings, anything?


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          there are no scratches / dings at all on the amp or the sub. the box is a little worn (like on the corner and stuff) not bad at all. again, this stuff is practically new.

          wiring (including audio cables) - 35
          wiring without audio cables - 25
          audio cables (19 feet) - 10 (u guessed it)


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            whats that box tuned to? thanks, Drew
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              I'd give you 20 shipped for the wiring kit without the rca's. Is it used or new in box?



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                Originally posted by sporty_drew View Post
                whats that box tuned to? thanks, Drew
                i actually havent even checked. i imagine its just the way the box says: 2 ports, 4 inches in diameter, 12 inches long

                Originally posted by ScAndal View Post
                I'd give you 20 shipped for the wiring kit without the rca's. Is it used or new in box?

                the wire kit is a 4 gauge rockford fosgate power kit. yea its out of the box (i still have the box and i could put it back in) but i have powered up the amp and sub with it to test it. i think the wire is capable of like 1000w. sry 25 is it tho, id go lower if it had been used longer.


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                  amp and wiring sold.

                  new prices (remember, this stuff is has only been in my truck for a few days. its pretty much new)

                  sub - 55

                  box - 40

                  OR ill do both together for a lower price. PM me if youre interested


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                    sub - 50
                    box -35


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                      sub - 45
                      box - 30
                      both - 65


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                        To be continued...


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                          whats the total shipped on the box and sub to 21921 (Elkton, Maryland)
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