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  • Maxim group buy.

    I believe my company will be opening a PO for me to purchase some parts from Maxim on. It will be a one time purchase (I don't want to be too much of a pain for the purchasing department). At this time I don't see why I shouldn't go ahead and order a bunch for whoever wants them. So, here's what I'd like to do... I'll take "orders" for maxim parts until Friday. Then I will place the order with my purchasing department. Assuming the order "goes through", I will then tell people to send me the money.

    The only catch is that I don't use Paypal, so you'll have to come up with other means of getting money to me

    Send your email to [email protected] (replace the 3 with a 2).

    PS: Unless I get a *lot* of "orders", the prices are $6.66 USD each for the MAX787CCK and the MAX788CCK, plus whatever your shipping method of choice costs.

    PPS: I will be buying the LM2587s as well, so if you want me to include one of those they are $8.32 USD each, however anyone can order them in lots of 1 from digikey.

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    Not to be a poudie face or anything.... but I just don't understand the problems people are having with Maxim and National Semi....

    I have gotten three different sample orders from each of these companies. The last one I got from Maxim I asked for 6 each of the 787 and 788 and got them within about 1 week. And National Semi I got three orders so far of the LM2587's.......

    These two companies really seem easy to me with sample orders. About the only one I have had better results with is On Semi.... they ship things next day, FedEx from Singapore and they allow big quantities.....

    I am not trying to bust any plans here, just wanted to point out that if you haven't tried Sample Orders, give it a try. Some of these companies seem really happy to do it.


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      i have no trouble with national semiconductor at all.....they are the easiest. No questions asked at all. I asked for pricing for renco and coilcraft and they sent samples to me coz of my tiny volume. Only problem i have is maxim. I guess my location is a problem for them to send me one. The local distributor is trying to get me samples though but i dont wanna put much hope on that. I can get the 787 from farnell but the 788 is impossible to find .

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        Well, I haven't tried to acquire these parts yet, I just assumed since everyone else said they were having a hard time getting them that I would too.

        I only got one response, so I'm closing out this group buy.