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FS: k301 indash lcd touchscreen!

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  • FS: k301 indash lcd touchscreen!


    Well, it seems that autonode has finally sent my monitor and now, I have no need of it. I've already moved on and I have a tablet instead of that carpc. I paid $350 for this and I'm sure it's going for more elsewhere. I'd just like to get my money back on this.. It's straight from the factory in china and I haven't bothered opening it.

    My picture of the other one that i sent back is here.

    Here's a cartft image of the same monitor.

    PM me if you want it or I could even take a picture of the box.

    $350 plus shipping.

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    Price drop.. I'll do it for $340 shipped in the US.


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      I have $200 ready for you if you are desperate!


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        nobody is desperate to let something go for almost half price are you nuts!!! Good luck in selling, I've decided to go with a different in-dash. Sorry!! Good luck.


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          can the LCD swivel left and right?


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            Originally posted by kwchan View Post
            can the LCD swivel left and right?
            no it doesn't. it can adjust the angle up or down tho. it can keep a memory of the last setting that you put it in too.

            there's more details about it here.

            sorry to hear that, a9ballbr8k. i just couldn't go down to a lower price.
            also, kinicker, i don't think i'll ever be that desperate to go down to that price. if it goes to that, i think i'd sell it on ebay.
            i'll keep this posted for a bit longer but, if no one bites, i'll sell it on ebay.

            thanks for looking and if anyone has anymore questions, i'll be sure to answer them.

            i'll be posting other stuff for sale too since i have some stuff left over from my carpc. maybe not on this thread tho.


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              check your pm..


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                pms replied to. still accepting offers.


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                  you have been sent a pm


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                    still up for sale guys.

                    hmm.. should i open it up to check and see if it works? if i do that, then it might not really be new after..


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                      probably mine from china moves slower now but it has been woring for about 3 weeks now good luck pm me with ebay link i might give it a shot so i will have a backup
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                        hmm.. well, i haven't sold it yet. i think i will put it up on ebay. i was going to try it out at $315 with $15 shipping and buyitnow for $335. if it doesn't sell, then i'd do it for cheaper but, i'll have to do this later since i'm pretty busy with work and all.


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                          selling this on ebay if anyone wants it.