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FS: 20x4 USB LCD. Crystalfontz. in UK

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  • FS: 20x4 USB LCD. Crystalfontz. in UK

    Hi all, long time lurker- first time poster. Got some great info from these forums Unfortunately i've never finished the car PC and had to sell it off this month to help pay for my insurance renewal. This is the last bit left:

    Crystalfontz CFA-635TMF USB LCD

    LED backlit 20x4 LCD. (Blue backlight, white text)

    Bought to use in a car computer project which i never finished, but useful for connecting to your PC in a spare 5"1/4 drive bay. It can be set to display system temperatures, fan speeds etc. and even RSS/news feeds from the internet. The built in buttons allow you to power on/off the pc with it, or any other functions.
    This includes the LCD itself, the ATX power cable, the UBERSCAB board with temperature probes, connectors, interfaces for dallas/maxim 1-wire devices. This is only available from over the pond and i paid extortonate import duties when i bought it! The LCD itself sells for $70, the scab board for $35, misc cables $5 and $35 for shipping; so around 75 (+import dutues~25) all in to buy new. HOWEVER there may be a problem with the scab board, i've not been able to get it working recently (Sat on the shelf for ages), so i'm selling this just as the LCD alone (Which works without the scab- that simply allows you to control cooling fans, read the temp probes etc) and the SCAB board as a possible bonus!

    So 50 for the lot delivered in the UK or make me an offer.

    I have a picture of everything thats included i can email. Best to contact me by email: matthew.c.austin *at*

    Other features:

    6-button translucent silicon keypad (backlit)
    Four bi-color LEDs. The LEDs’ brightness can controlled by the host software, which allows mixing the LEDs to produce other colors (yellow and orange)
    White backlit negative mode LCD, blue keypad backlight (“TMF”)
    Can display “gapless” bar graphs in horizontal or vertical directions
    USB interface for both power and data (115200 baud equivalent throughput)
    ATX power supply control functionality allows the buttons on the CFA-635 to replace the “power” and “reset” buttons on your system, simplifying your front panel design
    Customize the "power-on" display and LED settings
    Analog I/O
    Autonomous hardware monitoring
    Customize the "power-on" settings

    Mechanical Characteristics::
    142.0(W) mm x 37.0(H) mm PCB Outline
    82.95(W) mm x 27.5(H) mm Viewing Area
    77.95(W) mm x 22.35(H )mm Active Area
    3.85(W) mm x 5.55(H) mm Character Size

    Without Keypad or Connectors: 10.6 mm
    With Keypad, without Connectors: 14.4 mm
    Without Keypad, with Connectors: 15.5 mm
    With Keypad, with Connectors: 19.3 mm
    Keystroke Travel (approximate): 2.4 mm

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    Would you take 40 including postage and packing?