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FS: 7" Lilliput, CNX-P1900, B5.5 Bezel, etc.

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  • FS: 7" Lilliput, CNX-P1900, B5.5 Bezel, etc.

    Well, I've started a new post since I have more stuff to sell.

    Currently, I've put some of these up for sale in the last couple of days but, no one seems to want them. I have no need of these anymore since I have something else that I got recently.

    Here's a list of the things I'm trying to sell:

    7" Lilliput k301 = $330 shipped.
    CNX-P1900 with 5v Dongle (/w wire taps and fuse holder) =$90 shipped.
    Passat 01' B5.5 bezel for the center console = $20 shipped.

    I also have a fuse holder and some wire taps that I will add with the psu for free.

    The monitor is actually still in the shipping box that came from china. It's marked with the address to Autonode from where I got it. You can actually see what kind of monitor it is from the signature link that I have with the old sell post.

    Here's some pictures...

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    the bezel is being sold on ebay. link

    the rest is still up for grabs. i'll be selling the monitor later this week on ebay.