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    I think this community/website/forum could really benefit form establishing a mentoring program. Perhaps start an entire sub-forum called mentoring.

    I know many of you already help us newbies with a lot of questions we have about setting up our Car PCs and a lot of us do a TON of searching; but wouldn't it be pretty cool if we had an experienced person sorta assigned to a newbie or group of newbies to help with the install?

    I am a newbie and I'm getting pretty close to installing my system, but I still have questions. I have ed this forum EXTENSIVELY but it would be nice if someone could sorta walk me from beginning to end of my install. A lot of people here say that if you're inexperienced, you should hire someone to do the install. BUT WHY?

    Why not learn new information? I've learned sooo much about power, switches, positive/negative/ground issues, etc. Not to sound cheesey, but learning new things only helps you grow as a person.

    I know a good amount the inner-workings of computers but I'm totally clueless about power and car mechanical stuff. This search for knowledge and challenge has made me OBSESSED about completing this project.

    Once completed with the install and over a matter of time, I, of course, would become an expert and would be able to offer support to other newbies.

    Just my $.02...

    Tell me what you think.

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    CarLink coming soon!