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What causes a post to be moderated?

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  • What causes a post to be moderated?

    I checked the rules link above and didn't find any mention of this. What criteria actually triggers a post to require moderation rather than being visible automatically? Some of my posts go through right away while others give me a message saying that my post requires moderation... When that happens it can take 12 hours or more before my post show up. The only trend I've seen is that my posts seem to be moderated when I post an HTML link, but not if I attach a file. Is this the only situation that causes moderation? I presume it's to avoid spam.

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    New members' first several posts are moderated. I believe the cutoff is 5.

    It's a measure to reduce spam.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Hmm.. but my third post was a simple reply and was not moderated.. Either way, I was just curious. BTW, could a moderator look at my post from last night in the thread about the force feedback encoder (in the input devices forum)? I posted a link to my managed SDK last night and the post is still in limbo.


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        I dn't know the details. I'm just a moderator.

        The admins put this measure into place. Sometimes it's 5 posts that get moderated. Sometimes it's 1 post. I've also seen prolific spammers get 10 moderated spam posts, too.

        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          If the user has under 5 posts and the posts contain any of the following it will be sent to the moderation queue:

          1.) URL's or links
          2.) common spam words

          From there it can either be released for posting or deleted. It's intention to reduce spam and it's proven to be very effective. It does catch new user's posts sometimes most commonly because they contain links. Those posts are released from the moderation queue when the moderator sees it, usually within 24 hours.


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            Great, thanks for the explanation. I've broken the 5-post mark now, so I should be good .


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              Thanks for the explanation, Zip-Lock.
              Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
              How about the Wiki?

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                I found this tonight- I'm at like 12 posts and have been active in the Fusion Brain section (not posting links but have attached some JPG files of circuit stuff). I'm still moderated. I take it the 5 posts has been upped since 2007, or maybe there is a minimum time on board? It sucks being new.


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                  Yes the 5 post limit has been changed and we don't really want to tell the spammers how many it requires. I know it sucks, but the amount of spam the mods and admins have to delete is huge. It just makes it better for everyone who is using the forums for the right reasons. Hang in there.
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                    yah im seeing the same issue. its too bad non-spamming people can be pulled out of the moderation queue. oh well.

                    Time to keep posting i guess!


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                      If you look in this very thread there was a user banned for spamming. He posted 15-20 posts to try and get his car auction spam into several threads.

                      Just keep posting your threads. When a mod or admin has the time, they will be put through the system and added to the forum.
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                        I'm still subscribed to this topic though no longer active here (see 2) below).

                        A few thoughts- let's say there are 1,000 new posts each day*, and the board has an 80% spam rate- in other words, 800 of the 1,000 are spam so there are 200 approved new posts per day. The ratio would be the same if there were 100,000 or 100 new posts.
                        1) Since all "new" posts are being moderated, is it consuming more time to read and (approve or delete) 1000 posts or delete 800? In my experience, giving members the ability to report spam in new posts makes the moderator's job a lot easier (I see this forum allows the report post function). Kind of like neighborhood watch.

                        2) If you make the path to do something too difficult, humans like water & electricity will take the path of least resistance. In my case, it was utilizing a different product when I couldn't get questions answered or information in a timely manner. Due to other projects and activity, I have a set amount of time I can devote towards a specific forum for a specific project.

                        3) After a few posts, new members should be able to be "profiled" by staff to determine if they are in fact real people posting relevant info or the aforementioned spammers. If the former, they could then be given full posting privileges.

                        4) An IP ban for offending addresses can be written using most forum soft ware (this word split to avoid an ad link ). The 23,000 member automotive board I moderate uses SMF, I see this one uses VBulleitn. It's an admin and about 4 active moderators. I spent about a week writing IP bans a year ago and to date we've only had a couple of legit users fall into this to where they couldn't post. It's reduced our spam by nearly 100%. The few that get through are reported within 24 hours and the user account and/or IP address handled.

                        *VBulletin does give some stats. As of right now:
                        Currently Active Users
                        There are currently 2413 users online. 56 members and 2357 guests

                        Most users ever online was 4,401, 08-10-2011 at 03:54 PM.

                        7,438 new posts
                        since my last visit on 7/14, which was 80 days ago- 7,438/80=avg. of 93 posts approved per day.

                        No hard feelings, just sharing a point of view & some info.


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                          Spam is like chocolate.

                          "A minute on the lips a lifetime on the hips"

                          "A minute in the forum a lifetime in cyberspace"

                          In other words it's better to cut the spam off before it gets released on to the forum and picked up by the search spiders.


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                            Not complaining or anything but Just wondering how long it takes for a post to be approved?

                            I posted in the ST Louis meet thread yesterday (late) and it still is not showing up.
                            It was short asking if there any plans for a 2012 meet.



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                              Post being moderated is cool but it should be done in a timely manner. I posted a reply in my build thread 2 days ago and it's still not posted ?

                              I want to answer questions but can't