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    Dear Forum Members and Mp3Car Customers,

    We are very sorry some of you may have had a bad experience at our store recently.

    The entire team at Mp3Car has taken notice of your complaints, openly discussed our recent customer services failures, and spent some time brainstorming on how we can provide all of you with better customer service.

    We would like to let you know that all Mp3Car team members are now currently making a conscious effort to improve upon Mp3Car customer service. By this I mean that we aim to:
    • First and foremost, make sure that we capture as many of our customers opinions as possible. To make this happen, we have created a Customer Service Survey, found here. Please take a few minutes to fill it out and tell us what you think of our service and in what ways we can improve. Over the next month, we will determine in which other ways we can act to improve Mp3Car customer service and let you know what other changes we will be making.
    • Provide speedier responses to all inquiries and requests, through an improved company process to answer emails and phone calls.
    • Manage orders and shipments more effectively so that they arrive in a timely manner, through an improved company process.
    • Communicate more clearly on what we feel should be user expectations of hardware by providing Mp3Car product reviews in the product descriptions.
    • Communicate more effectively on our operations, by being more active on the forum and letting people know what is going on.
    • Getting people excited about using the forums as a resource, so that we can better use our own resources on improving services. For example, we are currently receiving many requests for information that already exists on our forums - to help us provide better service to all customers, please use the forums as a primary resource tool.
    • Getting to know our customers better. We will soon be launching a customer profile survey. Please take this survey so we can get to know you and your needs.
    Mp3Car has gone through many internal transitions lately, which is challenging for a small company, however we are as dedicated as ever to being the marketplace of choice for all you car computing enthusiasts out there. We are here to provide you with products and innovations that meet your individual needs, rather than big box solutions. To better achieve this, you can also expect to see some changes in our product offering starting soon. And most importantly, Mp3Car supports the forum through company sales, because our entire team is full of hobbyists who want to make sure that there is somewhere to go to share information with other car computing enthusiasts and get solutions to your problems.

    Again, please accept our apology for recent mistakes and let us know how we can improve by taking the survey. We hope you all benefit from our hard work and the changes we are putting in place.

    -Robert Wray (Fiberoptic)

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    As a member of this board and a previous customer of the store, I a extremely happy that you have recgonised current issues with the way the store operates and have implemented change to fix these problems. It has been dissapointing to say the least when hearing about the recent troubles customers have had. Not only does this reflect on the store but the entire forum. I have had nothing but exceptional service from the store, but this is when it was much smaller. I suppose this is a problem when companies expand, but at least you are trying to fix it.

    Thanks Rob and the whole mp3car team for standing up and taking the criticism in a positive way.


    note: Yes, I am a mod on the forums and yes I do have a loyalty to, but I was a customer and a member way before I became a mod. My opinions are from a customer / member standpoint regardless of my duties as a moderator.
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