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New VBull Layout?

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  • New VBull Layout?

    Anyone have suggestions?

    this purple is getting at my eyes

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    I don't mind the purple, but it would look a lot nicer if the user cp, register, etc. buttons were under the mp3car logo, instead of to the right.



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      i've been on this other forum for awhile

      and i really like the part where its separated into regions. it will make it easier to have "meets" and whatever. i think it would make it easier for people to make friends that can actually meet and check out each others ideas, etc...

      but i do realize we are worldwide. and one more thing-can you do something about the rain because i want to go outside and play? thanks

      my .02
      99.9% complete.


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        one of my other haunts... has a nice color scheme... altho I like the purple..... at least I dont get the 2 VB's confused
        Project - GAME OVER :(


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          A really cool feature that ive seen in other vBull boards is box to reply to a thread on the bottom of the thread page.

 has a setup like that. It is also a good looking forum, and a great place for computer help. but be sure to read the rules before you post there, they always make sure people comply with them.
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            That would be the 'quick reply' mod for vbulletin. i think it only requires editing the forum templates but i'll look into it