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WTF?? Why no scripts on usersites?

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  • WTF?? Why no scripts on usersites?

    Sorry if this gets out of control but I am in an outrage! All three of my sites are effected, my personal project, the MP3Car Listings, and the page I put up for Cenwesi for C4. I honestly don't see how it is a security matter if you have things set up correctly. If someone really wants to run a malicious script then there are much better ways than ASP and PHP. It would have been at least considerate to give us some notice. Perhaps enable scripts for "proven" users would be in order.

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    It was disabled to prevent those with ill intentions or maybe just script errors that put the server in a loop from creating mayhem.

    If you think you should be able to run scripts then PM me and Iím sure we can work something out.