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computer freezes/crashes only on this forum

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  • computer freezes/crashes only on this forum

    anyone else had this problem

    sometimes and only sometimes, when i load this fourm up, in firefox XP pro
    my machine just totally freezes and i have to reboot.

    Its only this forum, i browse other vBulletin bassed forums with no problems.

    or is it just me?

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    I use FF and find on every computer I've been on recently.
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      I use firefox on three different xp machines to browse this forum with with no problems whatsoever. Are you using the latest ff release?
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        No problems on Firefox on XP here either. Maybe your PC is worried you will give a CarPC more attention than it


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          I think someone has been using my computer, and has clicked on something....GRRR!!!

          must be almost time for a reinstall now that i had it running really well


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            Give memtest86 a try. Could be faulty hardware.