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Why/How do you get rejected from posting if a Company willing to help others?

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  • Why/How do you get rejected from posting if a Company willing to help others?

    Sorry guys I need some clarification. One of the very few ODBII software companies has taken some interest in what we are doing. After I purchased this software, I informed them to take a look at us and see if they would change the software slightly to be more suitable for our needs.

    They are an excellent company, and are willing to work with us and are very open to suggestions.

    There has been attempts to answer questions in the ODBII forum by that company, yet they keep getting rejected? Why.

    They are also interested in people becoming more aware of the software they offer. What do they need to do? The posts keep getting rejected with no explanation or what they can and can not do.

    Frankly I was sent one of the posts, there was no advertising just solving someones problem.

    Not sure how this whole thing works but some clarification is needed.
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    I am not sure of the exact reason, but they could have posted link to their products or posted saying "we are a company....". This could have been viewed as spam. If it wasn't spam, commercial sellers need approval from an Admin. Have a look at the snippet of the forum rules below.

    My suggestion is for them to email one of the Admins and to clear it with them. Who knows, it could be the beginning of a commercial partnership.

    For info here is the forum rules in regards to commercial sellers:

    As is a commercial enterprise, commercial advertisers are allowed only with the approval of the forum administrators. If you would like to request permission to advertise on these forums, please email one of the administrators. We have implemented Google Ads for unregistered members for this purpose. Links to other sites that sell comparable products to the store are acceptable to point out product specs or comparison pricing as an aid to other members. Acting as an agent for another website selling similar products and advertising the website or products on the forums is not permitted.
    Spam is defined as unwanted, unsolicited commercial emails. While great lengths have been taken by the administration to prevent spam from appearing on the forums, it still happens. Members can help deal with spam by reporting the spam post. This will alert administrators & moderators so that they can take action.

    Hope this helps.
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      I've been in email contact with the poster. Here's what happened:

      1. He joined as a new member, then posted an invitation to his software product. It was flagged as spam, we deleted the post.

      2. After explaining the rules and suggesting that he contact the admins for permission to post about it, he answered your question. However, because he is a new member, it went into the moderation queue. He sent me an email on this and I explained the rule and approved the post. It should be visible now.
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