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Mp3car Server/Site performance and outages

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  • Mp3car Server/Site performance and outages

    In an effort to improve and understand our up time and overall site performance I am going to occasionally post some statistics here in this thread.

    In fairness to our hosting providers below, some of these outages could be caused due to internet router errors rather than hosting errors. We do however use a web monitoring tool that monitors our websites from multiple locations around the world:

    Hong Kong CHN,Shanghai CHN, Sydney AUS, Frankfurt DEU, London GBR, Atlanta USA ,Chicago USA, Las Vegas USA, Los Angeles USA, Oklahoma City USA, Orlando USA

    WireSix handles all of our forum, wiki and web hosting:
    Volusion is our store software and is our store hosting provider.
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    I don't know if you do reboots or something but everyday around 2am to 3am MST mp3car becomes irresponsive. I get the DB error page sometimes and mostly just 404's. Happens almost everyday around that time, and then it is back up. This is on multiple PCs... Maybe its our ISP fooling around with us, but it gets a bit annoying.

    I should add that the timeouts and errors are spurradic. It will not work for 5 minutes, then work and I can make 1 post before it goes out again and so on until about 3am
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