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The Mobile template has been updated

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  • The Mobile template has been updated

    The Mobile template has been updated. Please let us know if you have any problems.

    It looks bad on my iphone but maybe works great on the windows mobile devices.
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    looks pretty bad on my blackberry too, but that may be the settings I'm using. I may try to play around and see if I can get it any better. I do like the fact that I can now search on the mobile version... never could do that before.


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      You don't want to allow it to be chosen from that drop down...because once it's chosen, you cannot change it back. This is part of the's a setting. It should be an automatic detection thing.

      It's also not supposed to be a bunch of eye candy, it's designed to load quickly on mobile phones.

      You've also forgotten to upload some of the images.....

      It's also not designed to be used on an iPhone - one of the updates for that mod allows you to specific phones to use it and not to use it.
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        I like it more than before. I'm running WM6 with Opera 8.65 for windows mobile. I have to scroll horizontally on 50%, but not much (and at 50% the text is barely legible so I use 75% anyway, still, the scrolling isn't so bad. It's way faster than when I select desktop mode, and the overall format is more familiar.I noticed though that for pages like the main page for the forum, the columns are so domainant and there are no lines or anything to make the rows clear. With that, it's not as easy to tell rows apart. There are exceptions to that like the space between stickies and other threads in a sub-forum. Maybe a little line between threads or something would make it a little better. Posts within a thread are easier to tell apart as rows.

        Overall, I like it better than before. I'll be switching to desktop mode and squinting much less now. Thank you. It's nice to have so many more familiar features.
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          oh god why fix something if it isn't broken? The new template is garbage, its slower, and has this weird scroll issue that when I try to go down it bounces back to a certain part of the page. I mean some of us use pocket pc alot and I frankly don't care about a bling bling site. before there only needed to be scrolling up and down, now I have to scroll up and down and side ways! Not to mention its very slow loading!
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              I just tried it with the microsoft browser that comes with wm6, and it is much slower and harder to navigate with that. But that's pretty much why I stopped using wm ie in general.
              It's been a while...


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                i use windows mobile 6.1 and is very slow, cant navigate that easy. i thought it was my phone, seems that i'm not the only one.
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