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    As a carpc noob, coming into my first project, the first thing I did was spend a considerable amount of time reading posts and making notes. There are many good threads with information and lots of posts directing users to another thread for more information. Sometimes, a not so friendly “do a search” request, but I digress as this is a whole other topic. When you follow these threads, the information was informative but is outdated with today’s rapid changing technology. I would find links to dead sites, no longer available parts, technology that has changed and something that was not practical 2 years ago is now main stream.
    I know that this is a peer group and most, if not all, don't get paid a thing to contribute but I feel strongly that we need to come up with a way to keep the information updated and timely. It would make life much easier for noobs like me to find current and relevant information. With a salt water club that I belong too, each FAQ and sticky is given an owner and that owner is responsible for keeping the information current. As a thank you for this hard work, they are given discounts and/or credits at the store that comes out of the advertising budget.
    Also, the FAQ need to be relocated. I was a member for a couple days before I actually found the right place to go for the FAQ.
    The best forum start place is here but damned if I could find it. I had spent several weeks on the forum before finding it.

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    Well the FAQ is available in two places.

    the little bar at the top, maybe removing the 'Adv' before FAQ would make it more obvious, and in the main forum bar under resources.

    Also making the little bar one a different colour like the rules, although judging by a lot of the posts no one reads those either.

    As for dead links, if someone comes across a dead link then post in that thread that the links are dead, that will do two things, 1. bring that post to the top and give it more attention. 2. have an email go out to the OP and others that have posted in that thread, then they might be able to either edit the link out or more hopefully update the link.

    It's up to passersby not to ignore the ailing