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  • Tapatalk Issue

    My apologies if this thread is in the wrong place but I've been having this issue for some time and hadn't seen a more appropriate section.

    I got Tapatalk on the iPhone and it works great on the other forums I frequent, but for some reason, this forum, alone gives me an error if I am logged in through Tapatalk and go back out to the main menu and try to re-enter mp3car. I have to refresh the home screen & that logs me out of the forum. The end result is that I have to log in every time I want to peruse the mp3car forums from Tapatalk and my other forums don't have this same issue. I looked into tech support from Tapatalk but was directed to talk to forum administrators here about it.

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    For the record: the login issue stopped shortly after I posted the original message. If one of the admins did something to fix it, thank you.

    The "unread" category no longer works when I first go into tapatalk, only for posts that show up while I'm in the app, but I'll take that problem over consistent login issues any day.


    via iPhone
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      I'm not sure what could be the issue - we are on the latest version of tapatalk and I use it everyday on my iPhone. What phone are you using?


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        Was using the iPhone 3GS, but I just upgraded to a Droid Charge and it may be a while before I get any apps that cost anything on that. When I was having the login issue, it would show me every new post since I last browsed the forum. Now it will only show posts that come in WHILE I browse. It's very weird. Since my phone has basically become an expensive iTouch, I'm not going to stress over it as my usage of that device will steadily drop as time goes on.


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          On my Droid Charge, it's working great. I don't know what was wrong with my iPhone.

          sent from my Droid Charge