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Forum renders completely screwy!

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  • Forum renders completely screwy!

    Is it just me or is this forum rendering all-wrong? Icons above this text box aren't showing (for formatting, insert image, etc...), the links in the masthead are wonky and various other issues...

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    It's not just you sebberry I also have this problem but i have another as well, I can't reply to any messages in the reply box, I have to type this out in notepad and paste into reply box to post here now. SNO


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      The reply box is working for me. At first I thought it wasn't working, but then I noticed that the text is simply "right justified". I'm typing into it right now.

      Here's a screen shot of what it looks like for me:

      Click thumbnail for bigger version:

      I think this website, much like the hobby, has been abandoned


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        And I thought it was just me. I use the "New threads" tab all the time to see what is new. Since about a week or two ago, the titles get overwritten by the thread starter


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          lol well that fixes one problem I had , I never looked to the right side to see if I was typing, you guys using IE or some other browser?


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            The issue is with IE browsers 8 & 9

            the forum renders perfectly OK in Chrome and Firefox.

            I also have seen security warnings on IE, so it could be something corrupt or virus'd that affects an IE specific formatting file


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              Opened in Chrome, looks fine. IE 8 no good.


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                who still uses IE anyways


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                  I use IE. Just like I use Security essensials for my AV needs. I am old school and my thinking is NO one can make a better browser that runs on a closed source OS than the actual owner of the code. Just my 2 cents SNO


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                    Originally posted by bmw_car_pc View Post
                    who still uses IE anyways
                    Until just a few days ago, the majority of people. Chrome just took over as number one. That means there are still plenty using it. Yes I use chrome primarily but only cause it integrates into my google stuff so well.

                    There are still tons of people that are not tech savvy and simply hit the big Internet button on their desktop.


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                      I suppose it depends on where you're getting your stats from. Here's one that disagrees with dmcdlrn's claim that the majority of people use IE:

                      I still use IE. I don't like the way other browsers handle favourites. It was always a nightmare backing up and restoring favourites for clients who were using other browsers. I also don't like the interface of other browsers. Personal preference mostly.

                      Most instances of Chrome and Safari snuck in with other applications. Adobe Reader bundles one browser default. Safari snuk in with iTunes updates. That's what I really hate. I can't tell you how many times I've had to set IE to the default browser because a client accidentally installed another browser and it got set to default, only to confuse them when they couldn't find their favourites.


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                        My source was cnet.

                        Edited cause I miss read last post.


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                          No worries


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                            don't forget safari... the home pages is all fudged..
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