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Something wrong with the Forum?

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  • Something wrong with the Forum?

    Is something wrong with the forum, I only see last nights posts in the live view. Hopefully it will be fixed soon Thanks SNO

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    Where did everyone go ?
    Does not seem like there is much going on in here since the forum changed and many of the links are either dead or misdirected.

    Not easy when upgrading my CarPC and not many around to help source some of the older HW components like I/O and TPMS interfaces.
    VIA Pico ITX, M2-ATX clone, 7" Seform 800x480 LCD Touchscreen, Dual 2x75WRMS Mini Amps, IDE-CF & SATA-CF adapters, 8GB (Sys) & 32GB (MP3s) CF, ELMscan5USB, Slot-load DVD, Craig Brass DAB+/FM USB module, Odyssey Navigator
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      Yeah I haven't been on in ages, looks like it has changed again since the last upgrade that broke lots of stuff..