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  • New layout...

    Not to be horrible guys...but I don't like it.

    The old (ie 10 mins ago) layout was much nicer IMO

    Nice to see you actively updating the forum though

    Also, I miss the " Forums \ Software \ MediaCar" etc links up the top, i use them a lot to navigate...can we have them back?

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    the navigation links should be back at the top now... colors will change when i get the time... i don't really like them either


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      Yup, nav links are back

      Look forward to seeing new colours

      Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E


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        The only issue I had was that somehow, I managed to view a post, and was typing the response WHILE the update started... oh well... chalk up another lost post.
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          AGGHHHHH What did you guys do ??!!!

          Sorry, but I just don't like it.

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            I would also like people's profile, pm, etc links back but this is a much more pleasing box style
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              At first I didn't like the new style, but once you get used to it, it is nice. It was just a shock to see a change from what I was so used to seeing.

              But yeah, what happened to the Profile etc.. buttons along the bottom of each post?
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                I also noticed somewhere in this theme it is adding about a 2px-4px margin on all sides... lets get rid of that
                -- WireSix, Inc. --
                MP3Car Lives Here!


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                  I think it looks good, very professional colouring etc.


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                    profile button=username


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                      i didnt look deeper into the setting, so im asking if there is an option to change current theme...i dont like the colors ;d... for me they seem just too intense, my eyes are getting tired (i liked the old-school colors better)
                      ...and the smilies are missing in the quick reply window ;f

                      ohhh, i almost forgot the most important...thank you for the new forum

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                        I haven't used it very much yet (this is the first thread I've seen), but looks nice and clean. Easy on the eyes. Thumbs up.


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                          I like it for the most part. My only suggestion is to change the formatting of the username. The font seems a little big and the underline should be turned off. I also noticed that the chat contacts buttons/links (AIM, ICQ, ETC) have been removed.

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                            Originally posted by bgoodman
                            profile button=username
                            is it possible to make the profile page open in a new window?

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                              looks good guys....another of my favorite forums changed software a few months back, and everyone (me included) hated I can't remember what the old board looked like. Give it time, this one will seem perfectly natural in a few days/weeks.
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