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    Not trying to start a riot or change anybody's wonderful site, but I have a genuine suggestion.

    On the sale discussion board, is it possible to monitor the posts so that one of the threads does not become like the 12" LCD for sale thread. I think that if someone is selling something that is pretty common like an LCD or motherboard that they let us know that it is listed on ebay or something. Or provide rules so that there are no bidding wars.

    For instance, if your going to post something for sale...decide a price first. If you want the highest bidder for your item then post it on ebay and provide a link in the for sale section. When a person wants to sell a car they put it on and sell it at a price. If they want to auction it to the highest bidder than they put it on ebay or an auction block. Therefore if you want to sell something, put it up for sale with a price or post it on ebay and let us know about it.

    Things like Allen Rubble's controller and Jeff Mucha's PSU are what I would suppose the for sale discussion board were for.

    Caliboy is now stepping down from soap box.

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    I have not been visiting the For Sale section, but I will start now and keep an eye on things.
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