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  • Ip logged

    I got on here last night, and noticed that at the bottom of all the posts, it said "Ip logged" what the heck does that mean?
    No offense, but I don't want anyone to have my IP address.
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    It's logged for the admins and Mods to view, I don'/t think you have to worry about aaron, charles, ziplock or Moon doing anything with them though


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      i wouldn't worry about it... considering 2 things

      1. only mods can see it, and well thats 2 people!Charles Enwesi, Aaron Cake.

      2. if your afraid of them doing something to you, then get yer self a firewall; of some sort. voila

      dood, don't worry about it. even if someone on here could get your ip, i mean seriously what are they guna do. nuke you! (in reality i'm saying, how many ppl on here actually know what they are doing when it comes to ip's and ****in someons comptuer up?) rhetorical question.

      dont worry bout it! just keep surfin

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        it is risky if you have a static ip (mainly), run file sharing, and don't have a firewall.



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          Also if you're concerned about it you can always run through a proxy. I use MultiProxy and anonymous proxies when I feel paranoid.
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            VERY EASY TO GET YOUR IP! You give it everytime you visit a website. But there isnt a whole lot someone can do...besides find out where you live...or ping the hell out of your computer - chances are your ISP will reject any more than 10 pings a there isnt much to worry about.
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              I don't see why it's the big deal about someone having your IP. You leave it everywhere you go on the Net anyway, and even if they do have it, what are they going to so? I'm posting from My server IP is available to anyone who PINGs it. People guard their IP addresses with their life, and I just don't see the point. It's not some secret piece of information, and for most people, changes regularily anyway. Personally, I've never clicked on that "IP Logged" link, and doubt I ever will unless there is a specific reason to do so...
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                such as the guy who said he stolen or had jeff's mp3player