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    Had an idea for ANOTHER section within the site. I'm a big fan of browsing the personal sites of other members from this BB, for idea's, etc... and just to generally see how ppl are going with their systems.

    but... the problem is.... when has their site changed to look for new info you ask? Well what about a "website update" section where members can post their last website change (new section/pics/changes to their install/etc) and the URL to their website (if not in their sig!).

    Then people can just browse the posts for the updates. Firstly this will keep such posts out of the other sections (I am to blame for this too I know!) and secondly will help get your hard work on mp3car/website changes NOTICED by other members!

    your thoughts please.....
    Project - GAME OVER :(

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    i agree, i also like to see other people latest and greatest ideas along with pictures of the current setup. sounds good to me!!
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      Thats a pretty good idea


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        that's WONDERFUL!
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