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  • Skinny boy is back

    Yeah, so, I got blocked, I like the ability to be able to log in.. I will reduce my posting over the next week or so, as long as my old account gets reactivated... Okay...
    Does this kid not know what it means when you get blocked or banned?!!!
    It means you are supposed to go away, and stay away.
    I suggest banning his subnet, because its one thing to be annoying, but ban evasion is pretty bad.
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    did u expect him to go away ?

    hopefully he will reduce hes posting and just speak when he was somethign useful to say, i think hes learning his leason (but oh so slowly)


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      Just make sure that you look into his subnet before banning him, as I'm from the same area, and maybe using the same subnet, i would hate to be banned because of his stupid behaviour. Plans and progress on my install - (Updated 28 June 02)
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        Can we please stop starting threads about this? I mean really, lets just get over it.
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          Originally posted by Callahan:
          <STRONG>Can we please stop starting threads about this? I mean really, lets just get over it.</STRONG>
          and that is the real shame. a large portion of this forum is now full of bull**** skinnyboy msg's and counter msg's which are of no use to anyone.

          all it has achived is to lower the quality of the forum and make things less enjoyable for the 99.9% of active members who do know howto control their online behaviour...
          Project - GAME OVER :(