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  • Goals of MP3Car.Com

    Big focus is being placed on making MP3CAR, the most user friend knowledge base of information for MP3 Mobile solutions. If you have any comments or suggestions which you think would make an impact on this sites performance or navigation, please feel free to respond!

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    I truly beleive that has helped not just myself but hundreds of others with their endeavors to build their car or their home players. Through the webring, message board, #mp3car , and free email/homepages, has launched the idea of mp3 playing cars and spread the idea througout the net (although we should advertise it a bit more) . It alows for basically anyone with half a brain, to build a professional mp3 car player. However, I have several improvements to suggest that will better . For one, should be sub-divided or branched into diffrent types of playters by OS,software,LCD, etc... It would be neat if you could search through cars by using some type of HTML search engine. You could search by OS, LCD , etc. Also , a "Car of the Week" or "Car of the Month" would be kinda neat. Well , these are 2 suggestions for now. Ill eventually re-make my page ( because its crap now, and I am in the process of renovating ym car player. Moon, if you want to discuss this with me , Ill be available at [email protected]


    Josh Grant


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      First of all, mp3car is THE place to look for stuff like this, and it has been a tremendous help to me.

      I think mprover, is right in the sub division of mp3car links.

      However i understand that the logistics in this is not easy due to the fact that most of these people is continually upgrading their equipment.

      But if this problem could be overcome, it would be a VERY nice thing.

      Otherwise i works nicely


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        Ok, since some of us, (like myself I hate to say) dont update are page as regularly as lets say, mp-ford, you should mark pages that have been changed or updated in the past month.



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          Just a idea to bounce off of you. Is there a way you could put my a Map of the U.S. or the World for that matter so every body could link there self to that part of the country. See I have Slowely been working on a mp3car system for over a year now and I would like to see one compete (up close and personal)that might be in my area.

          Thanks for listening,
          Tom Bunch


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            That is the purpose of the MP3Car.Com Registry. You can access it by going to

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