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    Hey guys (and gals) as I wait for my brother to finish my Dc-Dc PSU to mount the thing in my car I use to read every new thread that hits the board (and try to blend in by the way..), and was thinking what about if...

    1. We (or moon) create a new section with "pre-designed" systems that could get revised (some sort of what happens to LINUX, or other public projects) to convert them in the equivalent of FAQ's and guides.

    2. Then start to compile all that information that lurkes in the thousands of posts (who knows, maybe a book could born from this...).

    3. For point 1, perhaps making some classification so to design the bare-bones system, the sub $150 one..., you get the picture (I hope). So newbies could get a recipe: Take 1 Pentium 100, add a decent SB clone, mix it with a inverter from RadioShack, stir and serve in a HeadUnit glass...

    4. Then perhaps compile those public-domain electronic designs for PSU's, LCD's wirings (character and graphical), Filters, etc.

    5. Don't shoot me! it's just an idea.

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    I LOVE THAT IDEA.......
    We need a FAQ on this page because everyone is getting tired of answering the same questions over and over again.

    are you volunteering?
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      Er.. well why not?

      I could start to gather information. I suppose there is something premade for FAQ building. Any body has some software for that? maybe something made in VB or the like. If this interests the community also some kind of revisor/advisors/editors would be necessary (or am I seeing this bigger than it is?)

      I'll wait a couple of days to see if this thread fires up with postings. Also, and of course, the FAQ should be hosted by so the moon's answer is mandatory...


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        couldnt the faq, if taken the time to do so, just be put into a .pdf file so that it can be shown like a book? i have adobe acrobat reader but ive never created a pdf file so i dont know about it. Just an idea to throw out. But it does sound good, gets really really tiring answering the same questions over and over, and ever newbie has a question that was answered like 2 weeks ago. Well, my 2 cents.

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          Yes, it can be done like that (just that you need software to produce PDF's and I don't have it).

          That's what I mean, somewhere has to be a program that helps mantain versions and output formats for a document like that.


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            My laptop came with a printer driver that actually creates a .pdf file. If somebody wants to create the FAQ, I could at least create the .pdf to post here.



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              I have adobe acrobat 4.0. Not the reader, the program that you use to make the files and scan things. However I suggest using simple HTML with links.


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                I got an old *** mp3 player faq that hasn't been updated in quite awhile.

                <A HREF="[/URL" TARGET=_blank>