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Basics for using the IRC channel

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  • Basics for using the IRC channel

    Note the timestamps on this bit of conversation (all times CST):
    (08:38:32) * Unregiste has joined #mp3car
    (08:39:21) <Unregiste> Is more RAM better than faster RAM
    (08:41:08) * Unregiste has quit IRC (vroom...)
    Within about two and a half minutes, someone joined the channel, asked a question and then left without receiving any asnwers.
    Understand that IRC is a live chat medium. That means when someone types in something, it's displayed immediately (or close to it).
    This poor soul asked a question and enver stuck around for anyone to even type an answer, let alone SEE the answer.

    The key is to stick around for a while. Some of us are logged into the channel 24/7, but may or may not be in front of the computer at the exact moment you need/want an answer. Some people will respond to a question HOURS after a question is asked, for what its worth....
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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