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    Perhaps a thread where people can post pics of their [actual] car (a similar thing happened before but it had a lot of comments and non-real cars) I got this idea from, they have a sticky thread for case mods. Perhaps one would work for installs, yes, i know we all have web pages, well okay most of us, but a sticky thread with everyone's installs on it would be cool.
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    Honestly I think we need a sticky thread for MP3Car resources that the users have made. Like the Aussie site, my MP3car Listings and the FAQ page. Keep it all together in one organized place. M.A.V.I.C. System
    Asus MB, PII 266, 192 MB Ram, 6.8" LCD, 6 Disk CD-ROM, 21 Gig HD, All-in-Wonder Video w/ TV Tuner, Irman, Windows ME, Winamp, Cobra III -- All in a custom acrylic case. MP3car Listings - Please add to it! :)


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      i 100% agree, i really think the mp3car examples could be improved.



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        Well we have an mp3car links site dedicated to links to mp3car related resources. I think it could be a valuable resource Plans and progress on my install - (Updated 28 June 02)
        Australian mp3car Portal
        mp3car related links Check them out / Add some
        mp3car FAQ - RTFF

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