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    Recentley, i was planning on my a car computer and put it into my car. However, i realized i was getting a laptop soon for the next school year so i decided i would just go with a laptop in my car instead. I searched around the forums and found several threads regarding laptops and the proper setup for them. Now, of course the cliche on these forums is to "search" but i figured we can make a much more simpler thread for those wanting to hook up their laptop to their cars. I can look through the forum and go through tons and tons of threads searching for vital information but i figured that that would be quite inefficient. As a moderator, or as simply long time forum users im sure you guys have seen some useful information in the threads regarding laptops and know the hot words that will find those threads. Anyways, whether you make one or not i found these two links to be of potential help to people who want to put laptops in their cars.

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    Since this is for laptops I'll throw my 2 cents in there too. I built a LAPTOP AUTO POWER ON MODULE that I use for my setup (and I'm actually building them for other users here). It turns your laptop on with your car, it has a safety circuit (powered off USB) that prevents it from trying to power on your laptop if it's already on (like if you turn your key from Start/Run to ACC), includes a remotely mounted power switch for the times when windows freezes up and you need to hit a power switch, and includes a jack/plug setup so it's completely removable/detachable.

    Picture of the latest modules and accessories going out

    See My Link For Details :-) Peace...