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  • Red GTi VR6 a moderator

    Please join me in welcoming Red GTi VR6 as our newest moderator! Red GTi VR6 thank you for your contributions to this community.

    Here's a list of the fourm leaders:

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    Congrats girl! You definitly deserve it.
    Software Developed:
    DS-ATX Controller Interface
    Laptop Shutdown Controller

    Considered Projects:
    TPMS Interface
    Bluetooth Handsfree Interface (WIDCOMM/BROADCOMM)


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      Welcome to the first chick ever telling guys what to do with cars.

      Red with your knowledge you well deserved it.


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        2004 Matrix XR A7N8X-VM/400 AMD XP-M 2500+, DS-ATX
        89 Supra Turbo P3 [email protected]/Abit BE6 II, Alpine M-BUS Car2PC.
        Y2K Accord Dell GX150
        RoadRunner is the best FE PERIOD
        EmoRebellion is a SCAMMER


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          Thanks guys!

          Ima try my best to help keep this place a whip *** forum.

          That also means biting my tounge a bit more too...
          Jan Bennett
          FS: VW MKIV Bezel for 8" Lilliput - 95% Finished

          Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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            Want to start out with Banning some fag?


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              Sweet, good call.
              D201GLY2, DC-DC power, 3.5 inch SATA

              Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

              Read the FAQ!


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                sweeeeeeeetttttttttt. You the women


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                  Welcome Red!

                  Originally posted by kickercivic1
                  Want to start out with Banning some fag?
                  That's being taken care of.
                  AMD XP 2600+/512MB RAM/120GB hard drive
                  Opus 150W/DVD/GPS/7" Lilliput TS/802.11g/Bluetooth

                  -GPSSecure- - GPS Tracking
                  -AltTabber2.2.2- - Handy touchscreen utility.


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                    Congrat's Red....I have read alot of your threads and I have to say they are great.

                    Keep up the good work.
                    FIELDS_EMT: NC FF/EMT & Sys Admin
                    Planning and Testing Phase - 50%
                    2004 SUZUKI XL-7
                    Check out my work log!


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                      i'm protesting this decision
                      New System in progress:
                      Phaze TD1500 ~> Dynaudio MD130
                      Phaze TD1500 ~> Seas g18rnx/p
                      Zapco Ref 500.1 ~ 12" tc-9
                      Behringer DCX2496 ~ Envision Electronics psu
                      Transflective Xenarc

                      My Car Pc Install
                      My Boat Pc worklog


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                        Originally posted by scott_fx
                        i'm protesting this decision
                        She is going to ban your *** just kidding.


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                          As a somewhat long time member and avid reader of this site, Red, I congratulate you on your promotion.

                          Motherboard: Epox MATX
                          Power: M2-ATX
                          Storage: 120gb 3.5"
                          Optical: Slim Slot cdrw/dvd
                          Audio: SB Audigy 2
                          GPS: BU-353 & iGuidance 4
                          OS: Win FLP (Fundamentals)
                          Frontend: Roadrunner (DFX 3 & 4)


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                            hey girl... nice congrats..
                            MY NEWEST INSTALL:modded infiniti fx with big screen

                            first windows carpc liquid cooled LVDS screen :D


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                              Originally posted by Red GTi VR6
                              That also means biting my tounge a bit more too...
                              If all it takes to make you stop bashing newbs is to make you a mod then they should have done it years ago. I mean, it worked with DP, right?
                              Spent so far: $1,755
                              Check Out My Work Log for Specs/Pics
                              CarPC Progress[!!!!!!!!!!!!!!].....Installation[---------+].....Pastrami Progress[!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]
                              Don't mess with Texas.
                              It's not nice to pick on retards!