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Changes to reputation system:

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  • Changes to reputation system:

    Changes to reputation system:

    1) Reasons now required. If you don't enter a reason you will get the error shown below.

    2) Comments are displayed on private control panel, both comments given and received. See last image

    3) Comments are displayed on public profile. See middle image.
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    Great Stuff!
    Now I can keep track of rep given vs. rep received.
    Plus, I can now tell who's rep-whoring and for what reasons.
    Lastly, is there a love affair going on in the community?
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      No wonder god of CPU's rep jumped so high...

      Try RevFE
      The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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        Originally posted by DJiK View Post
        Lastly, is there a love affair going on in the community?
        Thats reminiscent of people on ebay whose reflections on them standing in thier underwear show up on the screen of the TV they are trying to sell!

        Oh, and I guess this thread can be closed now since its no longer needed.
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