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    would be great to see a sticky in obd2 subforum listing vehicles competible with obd2, listing year,model,protocol and enginesize, could also include a list that isnt compeditable w. obd 2, perhaps a separate list to list the protocol used by obd 1 cars/other cars in general

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    Do you want to compile such a list?
    If you do, we'll make it a sticky, for certain.

    Fact is, there are so many possible combinations between US, Europe, Australia and Asain models of vehicles, all with differences that it would be damn near impossible to comile the list you want.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Every U.S. car sold after 1995 is compatible with OBD2. There, that cuts out a whole bunch of them.

      Now, list the ones in Europe and Asia and we're done!
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