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Southern NH/Northen MA, carputer meet! Rockingham Mall, Salem,NH, July 28

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  • Southern NH/Northen MA, carputer meet! Rockingham Mall, Salem,NH, July 28

    When: July 28th
    Where: (Near RadioShack)
    99 Rockingham Park Blvd # 2263
    Salem, NH 03079

    Time: 4:00pm

    Meeting spot: Lot between Sears and Sears auto center sounds good. Lot is pretty empty most of the time. Little south of this dot: om=1
    July 21st
    July 28th

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    I think I'd be up for this. I wasn't around to make it to the last one (which I hear ended up just being a bbq at battle rob's place). Let me know what the plan is...

    CarPC v2.5 up and running - all hardware installed, skin configured, and iG tweaked like crazy. Now for OBD-II, and voice control, and camera plugin, and... :nutz: - it never ends!


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      set a date...and how about somewhere closer to the city? (and by city I mean boston...not some boondock in Cow Hampshire)


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        I updated the main post, with more people interested.


        I guess I should encourage you all you should check out my carputer on Subaru Website. A company hired by Subaru of North America filmed evens that were taking place at Team O'Neil Rally School. It was about two winners of game, one of whom happened to be me.

        So part of the filming was filming my carputer. I never really expected Subaru of North America approving it to go live on that website but I guess they did like it. So now it's live on one of official Subaru Promo Websites.

        Check it out:

        - Once on this website, "WATCH THE ACTION" in lower right.
        - Then click "MEET THE SHAKE DOWN CHAMPIONS".

        That's where you see "Tour Vlad's tricked out Subaru WRX".
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          I'm up for it. I live in Nashua; however I don't mind driving to meet up.



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            well set a date...


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              I'll think about it and let you know my suggestion guys. Next week. Right now I am in Arizona, enjoying nice weather while at work.
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                i live in ipswich ma just starting to get into carputers would love to pick some brains for info


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                  I'm in western mass but go out to Boston frequently, where do you guys meet up?

                  My First Carputer


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                    Originally posted by mobileT83 View Post
                    I'm in western mass but go out to Boston frequently, where do you guys meet up?

                    If you're interested in meeting other subie owners, keep an eye on this thread. The location and time is updated every week and posted on the first page.


                    As far as carputers, we're still working on it... We might as well wait until warmer weather. It's too cold to be outside and check out each other's ride in this weather. I suggest late March/early April. As far as location, Nashua, NH seems to be a central location. Anyone else have any suggestions?


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                      Yes, we had a Subaru GTG yesterday and it was too cold for me. And to really have a good look at each other's carputer you want it to be nice out.

                      But who knows, some two weeks ago there was 60 degrees at night -- global warming -- so we'll see how this crazy weather changes.

                      Where would you guys like to meet? I know some places in South NH but I don't know MA that well. So if you have some good areas to meet in South NH/North MA let us know.

                      See you all some day!
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                        I'll attend , but need some help first

                        Im from MA, out near Gardner, but comute daily to Lexington. I have a project car (96 VR4) that I'm doing a carPC on now, I actually need help, anyone up for some beers, lunch and even some pocket cash for helping me out with wiring up all the audio and stuff? I have access on Tues and Wed to a large car shop in Middleton.

                        Once done, I'd love to attend these meets. Check this thread out for details on what I need help with (pretty much wiring power and speaker cable, fuses, make sure i dont blow anything up).


                        - Nick


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                          I could help you if we lived closer to each other. What exactly is the issue with wiring audio? Depends how complicated you want to make it. Mine for now just two speakers on the back of the car:

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                            Car help lexington

                            I work in lexington on Hanscom AFB. Perhaps I could give you a pointers.



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                              Maybe we can get some guys from NY to this meet ... make sure to post this on you may find some people there too.