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Anyone from the Ohio Valley?

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  • Anyone from the Ohio Valley?

    I'm from Louisville, KY and I've been trying for a while to find people in this general area that have built themselves a carpc. This is a shoutout to anyone around here. If anyone would be up for a get-together, that would be cool as hell... I need someone to bounce ideas off of.
    Build Two:
    Planning: [==========]100%
    Purchasing: [=====---------]50% (Car just got broken into)
    Design: [=======-----]70% (Building a false panel to cover up my goodies)
    Install: [======--------]600% (Need to replace screen and beisel)

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    Hey-hey-hey. This is Jay from CKYdubs and I'm on LVW as Jay too.
    I was just looking for locals since I know only one person here that has a CarPC but don't really have any contact with im. I know Guino (sp?) the RR guy lives in Lexington but I've never met him.
    I should be coming up for Grossman GTG whenever that comes about and will be going to Dubdash as well.