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  • Seattle Monthly Gatherings, events, workshops

    Hey guys i was searching on here and it seems that we havent had much activity from Seattlites since 2006

    TimmyM, fatejd and I have talked about meeting up soon and ive been seeing alot of threads for the monthly FL and TX meets so i figured id see if there was a way for us to get a regular meet going on. Also we could use this as a calendar of events and since it seems like alot of us are still in "build" mode i figured if we wanted to have a "build" day with a collection of tools, work horses, and brains, we could all get together and work on these projects as well. Ive got a decent area to work in behind my house where we can pull the cars around back and work in the grass. there is also a nice brick area to set up sawhorses and the such.

    Shall we plan a meet for June, maybe a bring your own meat BBQ too

    also i think it would be nice to post our schedules as far as when we are able to meet so we can plan this stuff post your details and ill add them to the list

    Location: Mountlake Terrace
    busy till 8pm mon-wed
    free (days off) thurs-fri
    sat and sunday after 5pm

    CAL for JUNE
    14th - First meet up? host Eric
    Note: bbq on me if theres no more than 10 of us normal burgers, hot-dog thing
    MY build...a walk thru, finally getting to it

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    Yeah the WA meets are usually 3-5 cars not more. And now my tablet setup is broken so I can't even show off anything cool.
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      I have a ground loop problem and pulled the whole setup out of the car currently. Until I get that stupid problem fixed......


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        i just saw this thread..... there's also daevid and myself who are both in the Seattle area rockin Infill G4s...


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          Another Seattle member here.
          Looking forward to any kind of gathering.
          dsatx in voompc 2 case <HERE>


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            I'm down for a meet... I'm in Seattle area as well...


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              I'd like to meet. My carpc 2.0 is presently in the building/planning stage for my new 4Runner, but I still would love to swap ideas, etc.

              I'm in Everett