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Try the mp3Car meeting organizer for your next gathering!

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  • Try the mp3Car meeting organizer for your next gathering!

    Trying to organize a meet in your area? Searching for active meets? Try out the mp3Car meeting organizer whether you are setting up a meet or looking for one to attend.

    Written by mp3Car's summer intern Nick (Reno91011), the organizer is a convenient addition to the regular meeting threads posted in the mp3Car Gathering forum.

    Why use the meeting organizer? It handles several issues including who is attending/tentative, location of the meet, pre-meeting details, user selectable email notification of changes (useful if the weather is iffy for the day of the meet), post event photo and video archive.

    Setting up a Meet
    Setting up a meet is simple. Find the location on the Google map, click on "Get Marker's Lat/Lon" and fill in any missing data. If you have created a forum thread for the meet, paste it into the appropriate box. Scroll down and hit "Create Meet". It's that simple.

    Who's attending the meet? Who's tentative? Who's girlfriend told them they can't attend? The meeting organizer keeps a running list of the status of members at all times.

    Users can indicate their attendance status using this [insert image] page that allows them to also input a short comment ("I'll bring hamburgers!").

    Where's the meet?
    Allows you to pinpoint on a Google map the location of the meet.

    Automatic notification of changes
    If the weather is bad, will we still have the meet? Users can register for emails to be sent to them upon changes to attendance, any changes, or choose to receive no emails at all.

    Archive details from the meet
    Post meet photos and comments can be put into meet threads for archival purposes and video can also be linked. Old meets can be searched for and reviewed.

    More information
    Questions about how the meet organizer works? Want to share some info on it? Post it in the Wiki here:

    Got suggestions?
    Try out the meeting organizer for your next meet. If you have suggestions for improvements, submit them here:
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    Please update this to let everyone know that in order to add a meet, you will need to email [email protected] and be added to the organizers list.

    I just added a meet and here are my suggestions.

    1. It would be nice if you could attach a picture of the meeting spot just like if you looked up an address in google maps.

    2. When filling out the address, the "County" field should probably be "City" since the format of the address in the Details field is City, State, Zip.

    3. Unlock the Attendance field. Why is it locked? People want to know who's coming.

    4. The Details field needs to include the name of the meeting spot if there is one. I had to add it manually and for some people who don't know html, it may be a problem.

    5. Pre-Meet, Post-Meet, Video??? What is this for. Do you just put links here or can you attach pictures and video?

    Other than that, cool app!!
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    • #3 that I look at some of those screen shots, i guess the attendance field gets filled out as people click the attending button. however, i didn't see this option when i went to edit my status. maybe because i'm the organizer its assumed i'll be there?
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      Cobb Shifter Weight | Cobb SRI | Cobb AP | Cobb Turbo Inlet
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        yes, it currently is assumed that you are the organizer. Attendance status for each person is done in a special code, and the organizer (the original creator of the meet) has a special status that allows their name to be found quickly


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          Given that 75% of the universe uses IE, it should work with IE.