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August Mid Atlantic Mp3car Meetup

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  • August Mid Atlantic Mp3car Meetup

    For the latest event updates, and potential rain location changes, please visit our main, official events page: If this is a day of the event urgent question not answered on the events page please call 410-526-2852 Ext 317

    August Mid-Atlantic MP3car meetup:
    If you live on the east coast of the United States or happen to be traveling through we encourage you to come down to our mid atlantic mp3car event on August 22nd, 2009.
    Confirmed attendees: (more detailed Bios later)

    Free (get a ticket here)
    Locations: Fort McHenry National Park, Baltimore, MD - (grassy area on the water near taxi dock) Rain Location available (TBA if raining)
    Event Schedule:
    • 8am-11am - Speaker series @ mp3car offices. (2400 Boston Street. Third Floor. Entrance to the left of lens crafters)
    • 11:30 am - Pre event socializing on the grass by the water
    • 12 noon - Mp3car BBQ and picknick
    • 1:30 pm - Tour of cars and technology, more on the lawn socializing & technology reviews
    • 3:00 pm - Car judging for the best of show contest.
    • 4:00 pm - Mp3car lab & Office Tour (get a ticket here)
    Morning Speaker series (8am-11am) (help guide the topics on our forums)
      • 8am-11am (11:30am BBQ starts about 2 miles west)
      • Bring your ticket. We are almost "sold out" of the free tickets.
      • 5 Speakers, 36 minutes allocated to each speaker including setup time.
      • 20-30 minutes of presentation, remaining time will be used for Q&A.
      • Coffee, Fruit and pastries will be available.
      8:00-8:36 am - Vitaliy Maksimov What is "OBD", anyway?
        • What is OBD
        • OBD Applications
        • Getting at the data
        • Future of OBD
        • Other Resources & Links to check out
      8:36am-9:12am Cabe Sipes Experiences in car audio Installing for an audience
        • Mp3car Founder Robert Wray interviews Cabe Sipes about his days at MTV and Rock the Boat
        • Audience Q&A
      9:12am 9:48 Eric Brier - Underserved Computing Markets
        • The white-space between mobile handsets and laptop/desktop.
        • Designing for environments where a traditional mouse & keyboard are not desirable.
        • Alternate Inputs: Touch, Voice, Hardware Button, Remote
        • Market Trends: Broadband Connectivity, Convergence, Moore's Law
        • New Computing Markets: Auto, Air, Hotels, Boating, Kitchen, Restaurant/Bar, etc
      9:48am-10:24 Mark Miller
        • Capacitors, power systems,
        • How to get the best car computer sound quality with a budget.
        • Things to think about before starting your project or contacting an installer
      10:24am-11:00am Silvio Fiorito Windows Embedded in the mobile environment. What is it (101), tips, tricks, best practices, DIY.
        • What is windows embedded, the history, background, architecture
        • How to develop a windows embedded image
        • Strengths and Weaknesses of Windows embedded
        • Other tools and DIY windows embedded
        • Performance and reliability optimizations
        • Gui Customizations for the OEM look
        • XP embed with Solid State disks and USB
        • Audience Q/A
    Tour info: We can give up to15 people a tour of our office and lab space. There will be future opertunites for local users. We have a modest office so please don't expect more than a bunch of work stations, a lab area, ociliscopes, a computer building area, inventory and other geerkery. Request a tour using eventbrite. Priority will be given to those traveling great distances.

    Lodging & Site seeing: Check this website for some interesting ideas or post questions in our forums events thread.
    Tickets: Get your tickets here: ( this is mainly used for us to track attendance, plan food purcahses and office tours)
    Talk about this event on our forums
    Getting There and Parking:
    • Fort McHenry National Park Navigate to 2400 East Fort Avenue, 21230 (see map below)
    • Mp3car office - Navigate to 2400 Boston Street, 21224 (see map below)

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    You should broadcast this thing live for people who can't attend using Qik and have Sean or someone at the office do the camera work and narration.
    Originally posted by ghettocruzer
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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      we tried that last time Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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        Haha yeah it came out kinda funky, I think Bugbyte had it right for the NY meet. Actually narrating rather than background video taping.
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          C'mon, let's get some interest going in this! Is it possible to see how many people have registered? I'd be interested to see what the turnout is going to be like.
          "stop with the REINSTALLS, what do you think we got some lame-o installer!!!" - mitchjs
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            I signed up.

            FYI guys...the invite on the EventBrite site, says the event starts at 11:30PM...I'm assuming that's a typo.
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              Originally posted by Habious View Post
              I signed up.

              FYI guys...the invite on the EventBrite site, says the event starts at 11:30PM...I'm assuming that's a typo.
              About 15 people are confirmed for now. We expect a bunch more as the date gets closer.

              If you haven't registered already, please do so now so we can plan accordingly. I also fixed the typo to 11:30 AM (sunshine is good for car events)


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                Ooo Ooooooooooo....

                I signed up. I can't fricken wait.

                I'm going to start detailing my car now.
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                  Hmm... I'll consider going as well. Could be a fun trip.

                  Try RevFE
                  The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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                    consider me there.. i'll register soon as i come back from vacay
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                      Update - 2 new headliner names for the event added today

                      Cabe Sipes, Audio guru from MTV's "Pimp My Ride" and OLN's "Rock The Boat"
                      RevFE lead developer

                      Get a ticket here, if you don't have one.


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                        It looks like we have 3 more vendors signing on later this week and several people flying or driving in from all over the country.

                        I think we are going to send an e-mail to everyone in the area who has bought from our store in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, DC, Delaware, West Virginia, New York and North Carolina to invite them out for a free BBQ with the mp3car team and their partners.

                        We are also going to do a prize pack for the best cars. The rules haven't been announced yet, but some items in the prize pack will be A Lilliput DVI monitor (not publicly available yet), Centrafuse, Scantool, other car computing hardware, mp3car t-shirts and general swagage.

                        If you haven't signed up for a free ticket, please do so now.


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                          We are excited to welcome three new atendees to our August waterfront event in Baltimore.
                          Scantool - OBD, engine diagnostic, and scan tool experts
                 - Philadelphia based Mini-ITX store
                          Westminister Speed And Sound - Mobile electronics and performace experts, expereienced car computer installers.
                          Meetup Contest: The best cars at the event will get prize packs donated by Centrafuse, Scantool, Lilliput, Mo-co-so and mp3Car. Details will be anounced later in the week. Talk about this on our forums.
                          Links to get a free ticket and more information are here.


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                            If you are coming to this event, please give us feedback on the speaker series which we have started. More people will be announced soon.



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                              Attendees added
                              Prizes Added
                              Speakers added
                              Slight times changes
                              Links to attendees added