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NJ / NYC area summer 2012 meet

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  • NJ / NYC area summer 2012 meet

    Would anyone in the New Jersey/ NYC /PA area want to organize a carpc meetup for this summer? I am not sure how the logistics of that would work out but if there is interest then I'm sure we could make something happen. I am from the Jersey Shore area but I'm certainly willing to travel an hour or for some sort of meetup. I'm willing to organize it if there is enough interest, I just can't make any guarantee that I would do it well Lol. I'm also open to emails if you want.

    [email protected]
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    was there ever a meet?
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      Well as you can see, nobody ever responded so I figure there isn't much interest in this area. I would definitely be up for it in the future though still. There are plenty of tuner car meets in the area but I don't really fit in with that crowd. Maybe*this site isn't the best choice for starting a meet.
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        From Erie, PA here... I'd be up for a gathering somewhere within an hour or so. However, I don't think there are too many active members here from the same areas. I think this hobby is slimmed out just enough. However, I am subscribed to the thread in case something does pop up.
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          Oh man that is far out there lol. I was thinking more of the Eastern PA region since Im from the Jersey shore. Haha, well I will try posting this around other forums and post back here if I find any groups interested!
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            It feels like I'm bumping this thread...

            But I would not mind a PA/NJ meet. And I'm from Brooklyn!
            I myself would be interested in the logistics of how it works. But let's get it off the ground!
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              Here is a doodle for Summer 2013. Let's see if anyone is interested!
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                I'm down. Lets meet @flushing meadow park in sometime in July.
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                  I am in the Philly area. Love to see some installs. Mine is not done yet, since I am still restoring the car.