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  • Self-Driving Vehicle Meetup

    I've just started a meetup on Friday where we're planning on building an open-sourced self-driving car.

    Initially, we'll implement the solution using publicly available information and the Udacity course that Sebastian Thrun created about self-driving cars. The first piece will be developing a simulation program to evaluate decisions within a virtual environment[1]. The data will be collected from LIDAR, RADAR, and camera sensors that we'll attach to my car. The development will be very iterative and the data I collect will stream to the site in real-time. By next summer, we're going to run a highway test.

    We have a ton of work we need to do from finding the right sensors, writing the code, and documenting our process. I'm a developer with a good understanding of data analysis so that's where I'll be focusing most of my effort. Recently, we got more support for Rutgers university including working with some cool mechanical engineers, electrical engineers that are building a self-driving solar car, and the autonomous robot group.

    I've been obsessed with building a self-driving car since high-school so it's cool to see it finally coming up[2].

    1. The professor, Rick Anderson, has already built a virtual world that can use sensor data to control a car in a world with physics. We have to build out the environment (which they started, using Rutgers campus) and connect up the world with the data. We will be able to complete development before the end of the year.
    2. One of the major reasons I joined mp3car!

    Meetup -
    Udacity course -
    Github -

    It'd be awesome if you can join us!
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    Would, but I live too far away.


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      Originally posted by os12tr View Post
      Would, but I live too far away.
      Same here, I have had the same consideration and desire but I am in Michigan.


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        It's only 3 hours from me, I may show up. Have a decent amount of experience with robotic vehicles, so it would be interesting to see what you guys are up to
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          For those too far away, please join the meetup and comment in the event that you would like to see a live stream.

          If there's enough interest, we'll put together a Live Stream of the event and a chat room for you to discuss/ask questions to the speakers. Though if you are able to attend and it's not too inconvenient please attend in person. Thanks!

          Edit: I removed the live stream event link. It got too confusing so I'll take interest via comments and then create a live stream event as it gets closer to the date.
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              Made R/C car prototype

              Originally posted by redheadedrod View Post

              We made an R/C Car prototype. This summer we'll be moving on to actuating a Power Wheels. We realized a full passenger car is crazy hard...