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1st UK MP3car / Carpc Meet ?

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  • 1st UK MP3car / Carpc Meet ?

    This thread follows on from - - I felt it was more appropriate here.

    So right if your from the UK and feel like meeting up then stick your name and location here.... Once we have a enough I think the best thing is to make a group decision as to where we all meet...

    Right me first

    ( Ayce / CCSNET ) aka Terran - North West Near Lancaster

    My Project Site

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      me too

      definitely up for it

      North West/Manchester
      Volvo C70 - Installation in progress *gulp*


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        Yes - depending on location...

        Bristol, but travelling to Cambridge in a month or so.
        My Setup


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          Yep, another northerner, from Leeds.


          Car changed for TVR Griffith 500, so computer de-installed. Using a Dension 100ix w/60Gb HD unit in the interim.

          Carputer Install -
          CarBox Software --


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            I'm in part-acquiring mode at the moment, but i'd be up for it, location depending of course

            I'm in Loughton, Essex, just inside the M25

            Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E


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              Sounds good

              I don't have the PC fitted yet (in fact I don't get the car till tomorrow @ 4pm) and also depends when the meet is.

              Erith, Kent. Southeast (not far from London)


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                Count me in

                Location: Birmingham
                Ford Focus MP3 : Blog Updated 29 January 2009!
                Car PC Status: Complete - Undergoing Software Redevelopment


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                  I could be up for it, depending on final location. though i still have a bit of finalising to on the system.
                  I'm in leeds for the forseeable future


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                    Im up in North Yorks (as the sig used / still does say) and upfor a meet. Nothing major with my system yet, concentrating on a new engine for the car at the moment, but then will be looking for a system for engine management and generally looking schweet


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                      Sounds a good plan, id really like to meet you all and especially to suck your knowledge from your brains like in that film.....

                      Im east mids........


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                        Yup sounds good,

                        MAcclesfield, Cheshire
                        Audio:Pioneer KEH P6900R, CD multi Changer, CD-RB20 Aux input adapter.
                        System:AMD550, 192 Ram, 13Gb HDD, Via Micro ATX, o/b Sound, 32Mb G/c, T/screen In-Dash 7" LCD VGA, IrMan, 120w inverter.
                        O/s:Windows 98lite
                        Software:MediaEngine 1.7.7


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                          That sounds a grand idea, if we can have it after the big car shows of the Summer are over, e.g. Trax, that would make getting there easier. A central England location, near a M-way would make it easier for all to get to.

                          We've just got a Nehemiah Epia M10000 into a happily modded Ford Ka. Part of a full install (Sony XPLOD and Kenwood) - everything custom fitted into a false floor and full boot build. Opus power supply, 10gb HD for testing, 120gb HD on way, DVD, USB remote wonder control, screen to be stealthed into dashboard.

                          We got it running last night after 3 Sundays of work!

                          Tight fit in a Ka!
                          But that's how we like it


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                            I'll be at the weston wheels show this sunday

                            If anyone see's a little smart car all lit up witha big screen in it !! lol

                            Come and say hi


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                              I'm going to that tomorrow.... unfortunately my system (maerk 4 - see sig) isn`t quite done, otherwise I would've brought my car...

                              Thought about entering the ICE competition?
                              My Setup