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Well I had the chance to meet Defiler!!

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  • Well I had the chance to meet Defiler!!

    And let me tell you this, we had tons of laughs just shooting the s**t. We met on Saturday around 1230pm, a few minutes after I woke up I must say. The mini meet was here in Pembroke Pines FL. For those who dont know its 20 miles south of Ft Lauderdale and 20 miles north of Miami. Give or take!.

    Anyway we got to a gas station and starting talking CarPC's and helping eachother out. He had some resolution problems with ME and his screen and I had some remote control problems. Thanks to him we found that I have a bad reciever. "Had to be the hack I did to it". LOL lesson learned.

    We must have swapped cars almost more than five time. I would want him to hear something and he would want me to hear something similiar. We both have similar taste of music, infact he is the ONLY person I have met YET!! that knows what Astral Projection is.

    Very laid back fun type of guy. Very serious about his setup and knowledgable on the topic. Definate person to look up if you are ever in the Tampa area.
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    Such kind words. I think I'm gonna cry...

    I'm glad I was able to finally meet another MP3car member and even more happy it was a cool a guy as Osirisdon. Again, a laid back guy, good taste in music (don't forget to send me the names of those spanish rap groups... ) and good knowledge in what he's doing. I still can't get over what was coming out of that little 8". I kinda thought his set up, when I was looking at it on the forums here, was a little odd with the puter just sitting there, but when you see it in person, it all comes together. I wish I could've seen it at night with the LEDs and stuff. Good install of the screen. (Line up that touch screen!!! LOL)

    2 hours well spent hanging out. Learned a little knowledge and shared a little knowledge.

    One more thing...

    When you're like me and you want your setup to be perfect and most of the time you have a little something that just isn't like you would want it to be...It's funny to see other people that have the same issues.

    I really hope to get the Florida meet going now!!!
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      I know Astral Projection
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        Hey, I donít even know Astral Projection, even though my username bears a striking resemblance...
        This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time...


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          yeah its hard to find people that can appreciate your hard work. all I get is "cool cool"..

          Osirisidian and Defiler, roadtrip to NY?
          Mine needs to be updated.


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            How about road trip to Jacksonville.
            Actually I'll be in Tampa a week from this Friday for SlamFest for the whole weekend. w00t


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              Look me up!!!
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                One of these days we oughta have a meet in orlando or nearby, I live in Melbourne, FL (east coast). Of course I have to do some stuff to my old junker first, the thing is barely interstate worthy . I am scared to drive it over 60mph. I will get a new car one of these days
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