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  • Houston People Unite

    I think I will give this a try since the last attempt died a horrible death.

    What does everyone think of a Houston meet the last weekend of April, preferrably the 24th? We will need a place to meet, but I am sure we have enough people around the Houston area to pull off a decent sized meet.

    Let me know what you think, and add your comments here!

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    No Houstonians around?


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      Looks like I will just have to head up to the Dallas meet. Anyone else heading up on the 24th?


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        Do a search for my posts. If you are interested in doing meets here in Houston.


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          Alright guys, here it is I decided to go ahead do one, the location has plenty of parking, and several spots to grub and hang (all in the same area) So see you guys out there.

          WHEN: WEDNESDAY March 5th, 2008
          TIME: 9 PM till whenever
          LOCATION: 15135 N. FREEWAY HOUSTON, TX. 77090
          From North- I-45 South exit Richey Rd in the Gardens shopping center on right hand side.
          From South: I-45 North Exit Richey Rd (last exit before 1960) make a u-turn and drive south on the feeder road. We are in the Gardens shopping center on your right hand side.

          1. NO alcohol or drugs
          2. no revving (businesses will still be running till 10, so give them some respect)
          3. throw away all trash, please be respectful so we can use the lot in the future
          4. no burn outs/peeling out
          5. NO RACING!
          6. have fun!!!!

          Just hit me up on my ph (832) 798-0000
          By the way I havent gotten a chance to get in touch with every one in our group or all that may be interested. So spread the word for me and invite.



          (President of EME)