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Any Norwegians here?

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  • Any Norwegians here?

    Beside me... Lets meet on the next "gatebil" event

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    No, but I'm from Sweden... Considering going to the first gatebil but I'm not shure yet, doing the military this summer...

    My Nissan 200SX


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      Norsk !

      Check :

      den 17 april så skal det være et minitreff på den nye be-4-you butikken i larvik hvor det skal komme noen folk
      See you there ?


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        Norwegian! fra Tromsø, så jeg dropper Larvik (selv om jeg bodde der for noen år siden).
        ....but from Tromsø, so I'll have to skip Larvik (even if I used to live there a couple of years ago).


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        Blaupunkt HU & speakers/Velocity active subs/Alpine amps

        Progress: removed while waiting for nano-itx


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          Originally posted by hovik
          You might I'll try to gather some people How do I find you ?Where do you live? If you have a computer setup yet I'll like to see


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            Originally posted by Richie
            No, but I'm from Sweden... Considering going to the first gatebil but I'm not shure yet, doing the military this summer...
            You should It will be good I think.. But I think this happening is getting less good due to all the people that have come the last years. It's almost to many people there.. I don't even want to drive there anymore.. But still it's worth to go there


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              I live in Porsgrunn, so not too far from Larvik. My car pc setup works quite all right, had some problems with power to the screen, but fixed now. Will receive gps + usb dab tomorrow, so won't have those ready for saturday.

              The PC is fitted in the glowe compartment, wlan dongle and soon gps near rear window.


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                If I'm there you have to say hi look for an "pc-XXXXX" registerd silver WRX with a big wing on the trunk that will probatly be me...


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                  I'm from Norway too
                  I'm currently building my carputer, just have to find a nice lcd to mold into my dash.
                  Don't think there are many people in Norway with carputers...


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                    Nope that's true I'm from Norway, Oslo

                    Have built a carputer but need to make a new casing for it.. the IKEA key box is to bad looking...

                    I will when I get it all installed be on the NEXT carputer meeting ...

                    hip hip hura for norge og trege mensker...
                    Carputer Status: 99% :(
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