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Denver or general Colorado area people?

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  • Denver or general Colorado area people?

    I'm VERY new to all of this, but would love to get together with anyone locally who has a system to see a fucntioning unit up and running and in real life! If anyone is in the Denver area (I'm actually a little bit North) Let's get a group together for lunch!


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    North Denver as well. I'm new to this forum as well (you can tell by my post count) though I have been considering a carputer for almost 2 years.

    Will hopefully be putting one in sometime this summer, but I have to fix my truck before I play with it. Fortunatelly I do have experience in most of what goes on in building and installing a carputer. Except fiberglassing, bondoing what have you.


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      I'm SE of Denver (Parker). Once I get the power installed Phase I of the project is done. Phase I is the working carputer. Phase II is replacing the audio system with amps & speakers. Phase III is making the screen look factory in the dash.
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        Aurora member

        I live in Aurora, right now i have a functional 7" touchscreen wired to a carputer and 2 5.6" headrest monitors wired to a ps2. let me know if you want to schedule a meet.


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          i live north of denver in fort collins, have a 12 inch touchscreen with gps, routis


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            I'm in Colorado Springs. I'm too poor to have a carputer setup at this point in time! Hopefully someday........


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              I am in Thornton, but currently don't have anything installed now. Old car is gone, new parts for new car on the way. Another new car is also in the works... So I would like to see other people's setups too!

              Currently I have just been using my laptop, but new Xenarc and dash parts for my Avalanche are on there way. I travel up north of Ft. Collins quite a bit, so maybe later once things are running I can hook up with people up there too.
              I am a newbie trying to outfit a couple cars with new custom consoles and mini ITX. Click here for my 2003 Chevy Avalanche project.


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                I'm in the DTC. Still working on my system. Nothing installed in the car yet. Have some parts like the TS LCD and most of the computer parts but still making a plan for the rest.