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So. Cal Install meet April 3rd!! Naked girls...

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  • So. Cal Install meet April 3rd!! Naked girls...

    will not be coming but we should then be able to concentrate on carpc's.

    Sunday April 3rd at 10AM.

    321 E. Grand Blvd
    Corona, CA 92879. Plot that in to your GPS!

    Everyone should bring all their stuff, tools, equipment, and technical knowledge so we can share and help each other do any kind of installs that need to be done.

    The address is at my body shop but this meet is for car computers not body work.

    Please PM a link to this thread to anyone from So. Cal that you think would come. I live about 45 minutes from my shop so if I have to come down here I would like it to be a good turn out. Lets get a sign up sheet going.

    I have wireless dsl with a wide open connection so bring your lap tops or whatever.

    I have lots of shrink wrap, wire, connectors, soldering irons, solder,
    Bondo, fiberglass, heat lamps, etc.

    This event is not just for people who need help installing stuff, but also for anyone and everyone else.

    I will order pizzas and supply things like water and sodas and capri suns. No beer since we all have to drive home after but what you bring is up to you. I have a nice size fridge and freezer down here so bring whatever.

    Sign up now!

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    No naked girls but free wire and connectors? woohoo!
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      I would come, but you guys are in the wrong part of CA
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        ill come.
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          Dude - I SOOOO wish I could come - terrible weekend for me. Sorry bud.


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            im game... its about a 45 min drive for me... i should have my motorized screen installed by then w00t!!!
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              Awesome. Ill go. It's 15 miles from my house. I think I'm the closest. Anybody closer?
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                im in OC...and new to this thing i mite go and see wassup...get some ideas and see if i can complete my CarPuter


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                  sounds good to me
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                    Wow, this thread really jumped today. What sucks is I have to be down here both saturday and sunday. No weekend for me! My tax guy is coming on saturday and you guys on sunday. If saturday works better for everyone please say so and maybe we can make it saturday instead. If not, Sunday it is!


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                      omg! this is awesome. LoL, I was born and raised in Corona. (My parents are still there). Spent years volunteering at the Corona public library. :-) I really wanna go but unfortunately I may be out of state on business that week. Will definitely try to come.

                      I actually don't have a carputer, but I have a 2002 Toyota Navigation system. Any idea how to mod it? I'm considering putting in a carputer (thinking about a mac mini maybe) if I can rig the navigation system to switch between a carputer and the stock nav system. Not very car/electronic savvy, but I know plenty about computers. Maybe you can help me out. :-)

                      Hope to see you soon.
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                        ok fine. i'll go damn naked girls always ruining my installs. i'll be glad to be away from them for 1 day at least.


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                          Originally posted by Enforcer
                          without the naked girls
                          Im still coming, the naked girls would just be a +!
                          1990 Jeep Cherokee
                          2000 VW Golf TDI 4dr
                          2005 VW GTI MKIV - SOLD


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                            Corona is hella far for me. If I get the hacked up radio prototype even partially working, then I'll come out to show it off.
                            2004 4runner