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Car Show WEST TEXAS June 12th

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  • Car Show WEST TEXAS June 12th

    This will be a triple points show for you USACi guys and gals.
    Hope you can make it.

    <img src="">

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    you mean there is stuff out there in west texas?


    yeah - I saw about that show...too bad it's like 9 hours from this side of the state...

    GTi been to any other shows in the rest of the state? planning on hitting up texas heat wave? you were at South Padre weren't you?
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      Yeah, there is a little out here in West Texas, unfortunately we are 9 hours from ANYTHING out here. LOL

      The Show turned out pretty good, for a first year show, can only get better.

      RedGti...It was me at the Padre Show. I will be at Heat Wave. I got some stuff installed in my car, may enter sound Q, can;t decide, may just go and enjoy the show.
      Hope to see you at the show, and see what new toys you have in your GTI.



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