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April 23 - Hopkinton State Park (Hopkinton/Ashland, MA)

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  • April 23 - Hopkinton State Park (Hopkinton/Ashland, MA)


    New Location: Cochituate State Park in Framingham, MA (Replacement for Hopkinton State Park and the next town over from Hopkinton (Framingham), so it shouldn't be a big deal)
    Date: Sunday, April 23rd
    Time: 11-4pm (But some of us will be there by 10am to get prime parking)
    Info: Still BBQ, still great people, and still great cars (over 180 have signed up and not including the friends they are bringing along)
    Directions: Cochituate State Park is located in the greater Boston area in eastern Massachusetts.

    From East or West: Massachusetts Turnpike (Rte. I-90) to exit 13, Rte. 30 east. Park is on the right.

    From Mass Pike: Take the Mass Turnpike (Rt. I-90) to Exit 13 to Rt. 30 East. The park is mile down on the on the right.

    From Route 9: Follow Route 9 East or West to the Speen Street exit in Framingham. Go North on Speen Street. Follow Speen Street for 1 mile until you come to Route 30. Turn right onto Route 30. Park is 200 yards down on the right hand side.

    *** NOTE: Please be respectful of the area and DO NOT draw unnecessary attention to yourself by doing burnouts, revving the engine, etcc...We do not want to ruin it for everyone and get kicked out because one lousy idiot decided to "show off". Thanks guys and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone***

    Cochituate State Park

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    I may be able to come. How come the event was huge? Is that the same date as some other event?


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      For I believe a month or so, it was just spread to as many boards as people went to, since we were worried about there only being 6-10 Acura guys (where it started) so there ended up being 100+ cars that showed up.

      The definate date is April 23rd now.
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        Nice Ill probably be there


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          Nice, what are you driving?
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            Yea ill be coming. I told my friend that hes coming too (hes into cars) and hes like when? He already planned on going with another friend of mine. I drive a 05 Volvo S40


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              Nice, I used to drive a volvo (95 850) and still miss it, got the Acura now but it's not quite teh sdame.
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                Bump, I know there are only a few NE guys here, but maybe someone else will see..
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                  Hopinton, eh? Not too far from me, maybe I'll try to drop in this spring.
                  ....marking on calendar.......


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                    I might show too.
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                      yeah i plan to be there too

                      reppin NASIOC, RCR, and MP3CAR

                      it should be some fun =D



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                        Nice, only about 10 - 15 minutes from me. I'm marking in my calendar as well. Hopefully I get my audio problems sorted out


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                          GUys, heads up, the location has CHANGED to another park very close by since HSP will not be open.
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                            A little further but not by much. Thanks for the update and I will do my best to show up. Let's hope for great weather.



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                              Is there any info on this event someplace like what it is all about? I'm trying to get a friend down here to the event but I'm not sure where to get all the event details.