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7-31-06: RKC Big Monday Night GTG: FRISCO

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  • 7-31-06: RKC Big Monday Night GTG: FRISCO



    2750 Preston Toad
    Frisco, Texas 75034


    Alot of you guys may have been there when it happened. The biggest meet in North Texas came to a crashing halt in Addison as I recieved a $2000 fine for holding a special event without a permit. We were told to go, and people who had grown comfortable with the Monday Night Meet all of the sudden had flash backs like all of us, of all of the other times we had been kicked out of somewhere.

    I went to work quickly, arranging meetings with Monster Energy, Addison, and resturant owners in 4 cities around DFW. It became apparent to me that to have a meet of the magnitude that I wanted, that you simply had to have a special permit. You had to go somewhere where you werent just allowed, you were welcomed. Our meet needs to be somewhere where we are 2 miles from the nearest residence, have a resturant that backs us up, plenty of parking for 500+ cars, a city that cooperates and issues me a free permit, and most of all somewhere thats easy to get to and not in a risky part of DFW. Bring in "Crusiers".

    Cruisers is an amazing place. It stands alone in Frisco after 9pm beaming its neon lights. You can hear live music from its stage, surrounded by its deck that can alone hold hundreds of people. You see hundreds, and hundreds of parking spots all around the place, all well lit, all nice and clean, nice and new. The whole place is new.

    Inside, you will notice that there are cars everywhere. 3 dragsters, one turbo dragster, a full size nascar, a sprint car, a show car mustang, and more than 10 motorcycles. And whats best, these are not props. ALL OF THEM ARE FULLY FUNCTIONAL AND JUST NEED GAS TO DRIVE AWAY! The owner Kelly is a big time car enthusiast, just like you or me! He has more than 20 cars in his private collection, and brings a new one each week to his indoor showroom!

    The resturant is set up to where they have 3 main rooms. Each has 4+ televisions and 100 seats. The biggest room overlooks the back parking lot like a resturant on a lake. Thats our room. Kelly has agreed to give us an entire room for our group, a private entrance, 10% off your food ticket, and full electricity for DJ Plug-ins and private video showings. Each week, we will all be treated to a LIVE DJ in the back lot, and a LIVE BAND on the main stage! Free entertainment from CRUISERS and RKC!

    The back parking lot us HUGE! You have to see it to believe it. You guys, I would not tell you this if it were not true, but we have permission to park in more than 1000 well lit parking spots! And guess what, from the PRIVATE RKC ROOM inside Cruisers, you can SEE IT ALL! So, even while you eat, you can see your car, watch the meet, and get a view of everything almost 8 feet above everyone!

    And the food? Oh my god. Cruisers has Humperdinks BEAT on PRICE, SERVICE and QUALITY! I cant make this stuff up, the food here is AWESOME! It looks like real 5 star cuisine and tastes like it too! They have a huge menu with almost anything you could ask for! If you want a comparrison, its like CHEESECAKE FACTORY with CHILIS PRICES.

    So what are the PERKS of the all new RKC Monday Night Meet in Frisco?
    -Better Food
    -Better Prices
    -Better Service
    -More Parking
    -Resturant owned by an Auto Enthusiast
    -Full Support from the City
    -Full Permitted Permission from City, and Business Owners
    -100% Cooperation and awarness with the local police.
    -Resturant owned by a person who believes in RKC's vision for a enthusiasts world absent of rice.

    Guys, you have to make it out here! I have timed it, and it is honestly a 10 minute drive up the tollway from beltline to the resturant, its so simple to get to. Its going to be an additional 10 miles. Can you spend $1.50 more in gas to get here? Can you do that for me, after all the planning and work I have done for you guys? The meet is still FREE and ALWAYS will be as long as I can help it! I am offering you guys the BEST meet in the STATE. You guys have seen what we can do in ADDISON. For every car we lose in the move to Frisco, they will be replaced with Vipers, Vettes, Ford GT's, Lambos, and Exotics. Frisco is a nice place, with alot of nice cars, many of which come to cruisers already. This is going to be huge, and you know it. So dont you miss it over $1.50 in gas and a 10 minute drive more than you used to.

    So, tell your friends, wash your rides, and be out at CRUISERS on Monday, July 31st for our BEST MEET EVER!


    You can see the entire meet out these windows which wrap around the room! Over 100 seats, with more outside of the picture! Kelly has upped his waitstaff to FRIDAY NIGHT levels in anticipation for us! NO MORE WAITING FOR REFILLS!!!


    Outside the RKC ROOM, you can see the hundreds of well lit parking spots. Due to agreements made, and cross leasing and permit codes from the city, we can park in ANY of these places!

    Each week the owner KELLY brings a new show car for you to enjoy, inside of the resturant!

    The whole resturant is like your dream garage. This place is a haven for any auto or bike enthusiast. You have to see it to believe it.


    This mini-dragster is fully functional, and has an award winning paint job. Its one of 3 dragsters in the resturant.

    Every machine in the resturant tells a story. Some are rare, some are championchip winners, some are national award winners, one is outlawed on the track! But they are all special, and all within view of your seat inside CRUISERS!

    This turbo hemi dragster was UNDEFEATED before it was outlawed in the early 1980's. This is the highlight of the vehicles in my opinion. They also have an entire wall with vintage photos of the dragster popping wheelies in the 70's and the same tires it now sits on...

    Anyone would be impressed with Kellys collection of rare and restored bikes! See them all inside!

    SPREAD THE WORD!! See you guys Monday Night!

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    Ok everyone, tonight is the big night!

    It's less than 7 hours until the big meet. Here is some last minute information for you guys!

    THE WEATHER: Today: A mix of clouds and sun. High around 100F. Winds S at 10 to 20 mph.

    DISCOUNTS: 10% Off total food bill, $2 Drafts from the bar

    ENTERTAINMENT: Live DJ on the back lot, Live Music on the Stage

    [b]PROJECTED TURNOUT: 250 Cars+ as we adjust to the new location

    BEST WAY TO GET THERE: In my opinion, the best way to get to the new meet is to travel on the North Dallas Tollway, North just past 121 to GAYLORD Parkway. Follow the road right to preston past the baseball park and hotel. When you get to Preston, make a right, and you will see Cruisers on the left, with BRIGHT RED NEON all around the sides. The parking for US is on the RIGHT SIDE and directly behind the resturant.

    Private entrance to the resturant will be open from the back lot, directly into the RKC ROOM and Elevated viewing area for the meet.

    We hope that you all can make it out, and have a safe and fun time! Private uniformed security and local police will be onhand to make sure we all have a good time safely at this legally sanctioned event.

    Thanks for sticking with me!


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      looks like fun, good luck with the turnout.
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