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  • NJ September Meet


    Sunday, September 24th, 2006, 5:00 PM,0.00501

    rough directions:
    route 1 to parsonage road, towards the mall
    left on oakwood ave, find big parking lot on your right.

    meet! be there!

    my # is 973-580-3769 (Arjun)

    Original Post:
    After a successful but small NJ meet, we are looking to have part II... bigger and better!

    Andrew (that's your name right? sorry I'm soooo bad with names ) suggested a park near the mall.... I think the parking lot in this map is what you reffered to? Can you verify?,0.00501

    So how is around say... 5 pm... on either the 16th, 17th, 23rd, or 24th? Post up! lemme know what's good for you!

    Oh and jon... pm me about this girl we were talking about |

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    Yeah that's my name, and yeah, I'm pretty sure that's the park I passed by. Again, I didn't actually go in, so I don't know just how much room there is, but from the map you linked it looks like a pretty decent-sized parking lot.

    Since it's pretty far off still, any of those dates are probably good...

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      i know im not from nj but if you guys want to do it on the 15 a few people from ny would drive up
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        hmmm like a friday night meet? that might not be a bad idea... lets see how many people are up for that... |


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          a friday night might be cool....
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            I work nights during the weekdays so I wouldnt be able to make it Friday, but I'm totally down for any of the weekends.
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              I'm coming. We might need to find out if the park closes at dusk though.
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                um... still only sunday for me... so i'll skip


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                  I'm a maybe
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                    IM in


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                      It's september! Time to decide on a date!


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                        finally iv been waiting for a meet b/c i want to see first hand the setups u guys have befor ei attempt 1 in my x3


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                          Originally posted by Evilbunny1114 View Post
                          finally iv been waiting for a meet b/c i want to see first hand the setups u guys have befor ei attempt 1 in my x3
                          Then go vote on a date so we can set the meet up!

                          Everyone else - vote so we can get this thing going...


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                            I'll go, love to see some set ups
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                              not many votes, but it looks like sept 24th, 5pm is the winner.