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  • powering car for show

    Hey guys i am running a carpc for quite some time now and this year i will be attending lots of car shows! What i want to know is how do you guys power your cars without actually turning the car on? or without killing your battery?

    I was thinking to get this...

    will this work in keeping my battery charged and still being able to run everything in the car like the carpc lights etc.??


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    That charger is only 15amps, so 180 watts of stuff can be running. If you have the CarPC, a high powered stereo, lights, and etc... that might not be enough. But Im using a 12 amp Motomaster charger I got on sale from Canadian Tire, and that works just fine to keep the CarPC on when I want to work on it.


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      Thanks for the info! But the charger has to be on charging right? It can't just be hook up and pluged in?


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        ^ is that correct?


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          Yea it has to be on and charging and on the highest current settings (not engine crank mode though).


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            You would need a power supply that powers at least 60amps if you have capter,amp,subs and other equipment when the car is off. Then it depends if your inside a building where they have electrical hook ups. they charge you for the power your using at the show. You can also use dry sealed audio batteries with high amp hr ratings. here is a link to a site. I use there 1400hc battery for my audio system when my car is off. they sell the plug in power supplies also.


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