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So. Cal Meet 05-12-07

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  • So. Cal Meet 05-12-07

    I'm trying to plan a Car Meet (generalized), not just Mp3 Cars either. I posted an event on MySpace Events to get attention of some Car People.

    Check the event out here.

    The location and for sure date is TBD. One thing i wanted to let people know is no Ricer's please. Generally Ricers leads to Racing and getting the event shut down. There will be food and drinks there too.

    I've asked two friends if they can bring a Grille and have a cookout. Also will be Drinks (Soda and Water). Depending on the day ofcourse too.
    Please use common sense and dont bring Alcohol, we dont need stupid behavior, but like i said... Use Common Sense. If police do come by and see people drunk they will either:
    -Arrest the people drunk and/or shutdown the event.

    If you're interested, hit me up on my email account: or on myspace:
    "PEBKAC - Problem Exist's Between Keyboard and Chair"